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A little bit introduce about us.

With many years of community server we have bunch of experience with game server and know how to manage with problem. We are one stop service that you don't need to have any prior experience and knowledge with game server.

What we offer

We offer good server in reasonable price. We also offer service in development area such as website , API , SaaS. Please contact us ! As for csgo or other game , We could making server on demand with mod , plugin don't hesitate to contact us.

Let's open server

Currently , Please contact our team via facebook or Email and follow instruction. You need to prepare some information before opening server. Server name , password , Steam_id / Steam_profile for creating server.

Server documentation

Connecting to server

After you got an IP from us you can connecting directly into server by console command , steam protocol and steam community server

  • Console connecting connect ip:port; password xxxx; -- example connect arp.com:22111;password 1234;
  • Steam protocol via webbrowser steam://connect/ip:port -- example steam://connect/arp.com:22111

Admin System

You can manage your server with ingame command using !admin /!sm_admin

In this command you will see many section for use

The mainly use that will mention here is number 2

You can select map here in number 1

RCON and Temp config

You can temporary config your server which will effect until the server restart

By typing !sm_rcon value -- example !sm_rcon mp_freezetime 5

Practices Mode

You can practices your bomb throwing using practice mode

By typing !prac to open and !warmup to close

The command that you would find useful in this mode

  • noclip

Normal play & Veto

Normally you can wait every one to type .r to ready

But you can also force the game to start with !fs to play when player is lower than 10

You can use vetobo 1 by typing !veto

The command that you would find useful in this mode

  • !veto -- start veto
  • !fs , !fe -- start and stop match
  • !pause , !unpause -- pause and unpause

Have any more question on how 2 use ? Contact us !